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High Radiopacity Ytterbium Fluoride for Dental Composite Fillers

Dental fillings have come a long way since mercury amalgams. Mixed into dental composites, Ytterbium Fluoride provides the radio-opacity that allows dentists to identify a filling under X-ray, while due to its high transparency the tooth-like appearance of the filling remains unaffected. Sukgyung AT’s YbF3 series shows the best transparency as well as the highest radio-opacity in the market today, and it is already being used by leaders in the dental composite industry. Various particle sizes are available for optimal application. In addition, SiO2 coating on the surface of YbF3 was designed by Sukgyung AT for silane treatment in order to improve mechanical property of customers’ products.


01. Mono-dispersed powder
02. Great optical transparency
03. High radio opacity
04. Low shrinkage
05. Easy to polish
06. High purity
07. Harmless to human body

01. Dental composite filler
02. Lens coating by EB (Electron Beam)
High Radiopacity Ytterbium Fluoride Specifications for Dental Composite Fillers
Customization Available
  • Variety of particle sizes
  • Products for maintaining the mechanical property of customers' products