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Sukgyung AT’s submicron size α-alumina is an ultra high purity and mono dispersed powder to improve the quality of customers’ products. Also, ultra fine particles of super hydrophobic alumina are available for improving the performance of toners, which increase the toners usage and enhance its efficiency and lifetime. Particle size and surface modification are both available to optimize the performance of customers’ products.
High Purity Aluminum Oxide

01. Super high purity up to 99.99%
02. Chemically excellent inert and white powder
03. High heat resistance
04. Mono-dispersed particles
05. Good thermal conductivity
06. Extremely high contact angle

01. Coating material for secondary battery
02. Raw material for transparent spinel
03. Sapphire
04. External additives for color & mono toner
05. Anti-blocking agent for PET film
06. Abrasive materials
Specifications of High Purity Aluminum Oxide
Customization Available
  • Variety of particle sizes
  • Various surface treatments