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Silver/Gold Inks

Similar to our paste line, Sukgyung AT’s Conductive Silver and Gold Inks are perfect for application in printable electronics including RFID, flexible printed circuits, PDP electrodes and solar cells. With low resistivity and good adhesion to a wide range of substrates from paper to plastic, they can be used for Inkjet printing and as a convenient and efficient production method for electronic components. Our products are compatible with a variety of inkjet heads already available in the market.


01. High conductivity with short curing time
02. Good adhesion on a variety of substrates

01. Printable electronics including RFID Tags
02. FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit)
03. Electrode for PDP
04. Solar cells
Silver/Gold Inks Specifications
Silver/Gold Inks Performance Please contact us for any specific needs for better performance of your products.