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Silver Pastes for RFID Antenna

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) is already a part of our everyday lives, from subway passes to commercial freights. Sukgyung AT’s Conductive Silver Paste surpasses the competition in functionality, and it can be applied in extremely thin layers, resulting in an incredible cost-effectiveness. Furthermore, with low resistivity and applicability to a wide range of substrates from paper and ceramics to plastic, our Silver Pastes are highly attractive for the applications listed below.


01. Strong adhesion to substrates
02. Low resistivity
03. Thin coating: Approx. 2µm
04. Variety of substrates: Paper, PET, PI, Glass, Ceramic, etc.
05. Viscosity customization available according to customer needs

01. RFID Tags
02. FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit)
03. Electrode for PDP
04. Solar cells
Silver Pastes Specifications
Silver Pastes Performance Please contact us for any specific needs for better performance of your products.